Front Royal Christian School is a non-denominational, classical school serving Pre K-12th grades. FRCS prepares students to become responsible individuals capable of critical thinking, effective communication, and of making a positive contribution to society.

This goal is achieved through an integrated and ordered curriculum using classical books, music, and art, and is based on the three basic stages of learning: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.

FRCS is committed to the education and formation of every child, including those with special needs, who are included in the life of the school community while receiving additional instruction and support through the Options Program.

All students are expected to engage the curriculum to the best of their ability.

Recognizing the central role that parents play in the training of their children, FRCS fosters a partnership with the parents, which involves a commitment from parents, students and the school.

By cultivating wisdom and virtue in our students and imparting a foundational Christian understanding of God, man, and the universe, an FRCS education provides a firm foundation upon which a vibrant and happy life can be achieved, bringing honor and glory to the Creator, in whose Image we are made.