Our integrated curriculum is designed to ensure that FRCS students are prepared for undergraduate work and beyond. A strong foundation in English, History, Science, and Math provides students with the requisite skills for mastering a wide range of subjects and promotes a life-long love of learning.


BIBLE: Memoria Press

Middle and High School students continue Bible study using the Memoria Press Bible curriculum. Biblical principles are given practical application in the 9th-12th grade Community and Career Class.

HISTORY: Memoria Press, Primary Texts

Students are guided through Ancient, Medieval, World/Geography, and American history, finishing with a study of American Government. Through the study of primary and secondary texts, critical analysis and discussion, students gain an appreciation of each historical time period. Creative projects and written assignments allow for the synthesis of this information.


Literature: Classical Novels, Plays, and Poetry

The literature curriculum mirrors the historical time period under study. Attentive reading and Socratic questioning sharpens comprehension and discussion skills. Vocabulary, written assignments and creative projects allow students to explore themes and character development.

Writing and Grammar: Institute for Excellence in Writing

Students through the 8th grade continue to acquire the skills introduced in this structured writing program. Grammar rules are reinforced and reviewed as assignments are completed for the appropriate historical period under study. Practice and refinement of these skills is continued in the high school through written assignments across the curriculum.

MATHEMATICS: Saxon Math Curriculum 

Math, the “language of the universe,” is taught using the highly acclaimed Saxon math program. The goal of this program is for students to “gain and retain critical thinking concepts and use them in real world situations” (Saxon Publishers), as they progress through Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Math.

SCIENCE: Apologia Science Series

Early exposure to the wonders of Creation in Botany and General Science prepares students in the upper school to advance through the laboratory sciences: Physical Science, Biology, and Human Anatomy. Through lecture, discussion, microscopic examinations, and dissections, students acquire a broad view of the knowable truths of the Universe, including the presence of patterns and the importance of magnitude.


Upper school students begin with Spanish or Latin I and may advance through Level III. Since Latin supports the classical approach, the opportunity to study Latin I may begin as early as grade 6. This approach allows for the option to have an introduction to Latin before beginning Spanish I in high school, or to continue its study through Level IV.


To promote the virtues of selflessness, generosity, and compassion, this High School class provides many opportunities for students to engage in community outreach projects, thus fulfilling the mission statement “to prepare students to make a positive contribution to society.” Students participate in Operation Christmas Child, prepare meals for needy families, collect food for community food banks, raise funds for pro-life centers, and visit nursing home residents. Each year, FRCS has qualified for Rotary Club recognition. Additionally, presentations are made to the class from professionals in the military, police, medical fields, radio, and photography, providing insights into career possibilities.


Participation in Physical Education classes allows the students to experience a variety of activities, enhancing overall well-being. Each year students participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge.

Sports elicit discipline and team work and are a dynamic component of an FRCS experience. As a member of the Valley Middle School Sports League and the Virginia Association of Christian Athletes, students compete in basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, flag football, and in league tournaments.


This engaging and dynamic program exposes the students to a variety of mediums, artistic styles, and the artists who created them, allowing students to explore their own creative potential.