Pre K – 5th Grade


The Bible stands as a compelling witness to God’s loving plan of salvation for mankind. In it and through it, many generations have discovered the true meaning of life.  By coming to know and understand God’s word, students encounter the Word, Jesus, in their walk of faith. A colorful, felt board and Bible stories are used to communicate God’s word to Preschool through 2nd grade. Our 3rd through 5th grades use a variety of materials in the Purposeful Design program from ACSI.


Story of the World, Grades 1-5

Using the curriculum by Susan Wise Bauer, students learn the basic facts of history through story-telling, art, and even drama, thus laying the foundation for in-depth study in the High School years.


Apologia, Grades K-12

Wonder is the well-spring of praise and nowhere is wonder encountered more powerfully than in God’s creation.  Lower school students begin with Astronomy, Zoology, and Botany, advancing to the Upper School laboratory sciences: Physical Science, Biology, and Human Anatomy.


Saxon, Grades K-12

Revealing the fundamental order in Creation, no subject matter better reflects God’s glory than mathematics.  Using the ABeka program for preschool and Saxon math for K5- 12 grades.  “Saxon’s innovative, instructional approach breaks complex concepts into simpler increments, recognizing that smaller pieces of information are easier to teach and to learn.  The instruction, practice, and assessment of those increments are systematically distributed across a grade level.  The distributed approach ensures that students gain and retain critical thinking concepts and use them in real-world situations.”  (Saxon Publishing)

Language Arts

Shurley English, Grades 1-5

Grammar is the foundation for effective communication.  Shurley English introduces the rules of grammar in an orderly way and uses music to help students retain what they have learned.

Classical Literature, Grades 1-5

The classic works of literature are introduced early. Bible stories, Aesops Fables, fairy tales, and poetry introduce students to memorable characters and the beauty of well written language.

Writing:  Institute for Excellence in Writing, Grades 3-12

IEW is a structured writing program that teaches specific skills that equip the students with tools to write effectively and elegantly.  In the early years, students acquire a proficiency in retelling stories, writing descriptions from pictures, and key word outlining.

Foreign Language

Spanish and Latin are offered in the Lower school as non-graded classes.  Focusing primarily on vocabulary, listening skills, and simple sentences, these introductory classes form the foundation for Upper school proficiency.

Physical Education

Participation in Physical Education classes allows the students to experience a variety of activities, enhancing overall well-being.  Each year students participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge.


This engaging and dynamic program exposes the students to a variety of mediums, artistic styles, and the artists who created them, allowing students to explore their own creative potential.