The inclusion of students with developmental delays in a supportive environment, where differences are viewed as gifts, will allow them to grow to their full spiritual, academic, and social potential. Their presence will allow the entire student body, teachers and administrators to experience true diversity and embrace the dignity of each individual.

We believe that children with learning challenges should not be denied a quality Christian education. Through the use of inclusion, FRCS is able to adapt the curriculum and work with these students to ensure they succeed. Students with delays may receive additional instruction and support from a teacher certified in Level II NILD therapy. This approach is individualized and intensive mediated learning which differs from a tutorial approach. (Please see The National Institute for Learning Development website)

Families interested in applying for this program will need to provide results from previous assessments, IEPs, and any informal testing results. An interview will be scheduled to determine a prospective student’s eligibility. Additional charges will apply.

Please contact our office for more information.  540-635-6799